Jason “God’s warrior” Gavino by David Taylor

David: How did you got into boxing?

Jason: I got into boxing because I use to fight a lot in the streets and in school and one day my dad was watching boxing and got really excited and saw how he got excited when the Mexican boxer won and I wanted my dad to feel proud of me too.

David: How has boxing influenced your personal life?

Jason: Boxing has influenced my personal life in every accept because to be a great boxer you have to make boxing your life.

David: What are your goals?

Jason: my goals in life are to make enough money to open my own business and for my family to be well off for the rest of their life’s.

David: How has your background helped your boxing career?

Jason: I think that my background has helped my boxing career because ever since I was little I been fighting for what I want so when get in the ring I’m not scare of anybody the only thing that scares me us loosing.

David: Who are your sponsors?

Jason: At this moment I only have one sponsor which it’s heartappel.

David: Who are your fighting idols?

Jason: My fighting idols are a lot mayweather for his defense and his business side, pacquio , margarito,chavez,triple g and so own I really think that every fighter has something that anybody can look up too and what to Inmate

David: What all promotions have you boxed for?

Jason: I haven’t box for any promotion yet.

David: What other sports have you done?

Jason: I played football and that about it.

David: What do you want your legacy to be?

Jason: I want my legacy to be a great one I want people to talk about how good I was and what I a accomplished in my boxing career but most of all I want people to talk about the good things I done for those in need and also for putting the name of the Lord high in sky’s.

David: What tips would you tell the up and comers?

Jason: Some tips that I would tell up and comers are that don’t let no body get in the way of what u want to be in life because at the end of the day whether it’s good or bad u have to go through it nobody else.

Titan FC fighter EJ “pretty Boy” Brooks by David Taylor

Titan FC fighter EJ “pretty Boy” Brooks by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?

EJ: A guy that’s been like a big brother to me since College “Tyron Woodley (UFC Welterweight)” suggested that I do it. I was leaving College at 23 and my Wrestling Career was done. He told me I was too young to be done competing. I definitely agreed, but I also didn’t wanna wrestle anymore. MMA was the perfect landing spot. I was soon introduced to Mike Rogers, Bryan Guidry, & Rodrigo Vaghi… The rest is history

David: What are your goals?

EJ: My Goals are pretty simple. To compete at the best of my ability and for as long as I can while making good money. As long as my God given talent allows me to fight at a high level, I will do so. The day I feel like I need help to perform because my natural ability is starting to decline, I’ll probably be done

David: What has been the biggest fight so far of your career?

EJ: To this day it is still my Pro Debut in Atlanta for Sport Fight X… It was a televised fight and I was clearly brought in to lose to the home town guy… I was rocked 3 times in the first round and lost that round 10-8… But through heart, determination, previous hard training, & great coaching from my Corner man Mike Rogers. I stormed back to win the fight by getting two 10-8 rounds in the 2nd and 3rd. The fight was voted fight of the night and I got a standing ovation from his home town


David: How did you got the nickname “The Pretty Boy”?

EJ: Ha ha, it’s actually a funny story. My Teammates at Saint Charles MMA had a rule that you can’t come up with your own nickname. The team had to give it to you. Well, whenever I would get a scratch on my face or a bruise, I would freak out. So they started jokingly calling me a pre-Madonna and a Pretty boy. At my 3rd amateur the announcer asked what my walk out name was. I tokd him I didn’t have one. The guy said “how have you had 2 fights and no nickname already? Are you even a real fighter?” and then my coach jokingly said “He isn’t a real fighter. He just a little Pretty Boy”… And BOOOM!!! There it was… My Coach goes, “Yep, that’s his Nickname… THE PRETTY BOY”… it started out as a joke but I definitely lived up to it

David: Who are your sponsors?

EJ: Sponsors are pretty random… But I am supported by these companies TITLE BOXING, GLORY, Saint Charles MMA/Team Vaghi, and American Top Team

David: Do you ever see MMA being legal in NY?

EJ: Not sure… I feel like the east coast is lead by boxing and they don’t really wanna break tradition. I think MMA threatens the culture of boxing on the east coast

David: What do you want your legacy to be?


EJ: Um, I want it to be great… Plan and simple!!!

David: How was it to fight for Bellator and now Titan FC?

EJ: I had a great experience while fighting for Bellator. It was a lot of fun and I’m sure I’ll probably fight for them again sometime in the near future… Titan FC is my home right now and I’m pretty happy where I am… It’s a great organization and the big man Jeff Aronson has always be supportive of me. So, I feel like I’m in a great situation being under contract with them

David: What would you be doing if MMA wasn’t around?

EJ: Honestly, I would probably still be wrestling, playing in soccer, Basketball, Baseball or even Football leagues… I did all those sports in high school. There is no way I wouldn’t be active still

David: What tips would you tell the up and comers?

EJ: Get it and make as much money as you can… Try your best to trust the right people… Do it right and do it clean, but at the end of the day…JUST HAVE FUN AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO

Rising MMA star Kyle Driscoll by David Taylor


David: How did you got into MMA?

Kyle: I got into MMA when I was 15 years old. I had been wrestling me whole life and the whole idea of it really intrigued me so from there I just started doing no-gi and some stand up in the off season of wrestling.

David: What about MMA drives you?

Kyle: Being the best is what is drives me, it’s a test to yourself each time you’re out there and you learn more and more about yourself each time. To me it’s just another wrestling match and that’s second nature to me.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?

Kyle: TJ Dillashaw and Conor McGregor are my two favorite fighters. Tj because he is all about the power of believing in yourself and him being a wrestler converted to a standup fighter correlates with me well. Conor because his belief in the law of attraction, I am all about the law of attraction. Especially in this industry.

David: What are your goals?

Kyle: My goal is to be in the ufc and eventually a ufc champion. I don’t enter something to be average or just a hometown hero, I train every day to be the best and beat the best. I’m only 21 so have a long road ahead but I believe I have what it takes to be there with those big names.


David: Who are your sponsors?

Kyle: My biggest sponsor now is my clothing sponsor called “toughen the hell up” also intuition Tulsa for my supplements. I’m working on a few others right now.

David: What other sports have you done?

Kyle: I grew up a wrestler and football player. Stopped playing football in high school to focus on wrestling. After wrestling senior year I played rugby before I went to wrestle in college, got burned out with wrestling so got a rugby scholarship to go play at New England College.


David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Kyle: If MMA wasn’t around I’d probably still be playing rugby. I’m currently in school for business management with a minor in finances to have a fall back on flipping houses if I need it.

David: What’s one word that would describe your career?

Kyle: The best word to describe my career is persistent. Every single day in the gym I persist to be the best in the world one day, regardless what happens to me in that cage I will persist through and stay in the fight. I won’t be held down in any aspect, I will find a way to stay in it and persist through.

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?

Kyle: That I was humble but very driven, I’m not doing this for fun, and I’m doing this to make a life style out of it. No matter what cards I am dealt I will make the best of it and find positive in the situation regardless. I will stay driven to be the best in the world no matter what anyone has to say, people will always talk.


David: What would you tell up and comers?

Kyle: Anyone getting into this sport needs to know first that your input is your output. This isn’t something you just do, if you want it then you have hours and hours of work ahead. Embrace the grind and love every second of your journey. Live in the moment and as long as you improve in any way each day, you did something right and are one step closer to your dream.

Rising MMA star Damien “The Hammer” Hamlin by David Taylor0

Rising MMA star Damien “The Hammer” Hamlin by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?


Damien: I got into MMA when I was about 18 there was a show in my home town and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity

David: How did you got the nickname “the hammer”?

Damien: I got my nick name from my buddy we were going to train and he said jokingly you should go by Damien “The Hammer” Hamlin I liked it so I went with it.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?


Damien: My favorite MNA fighter is Chuck Liddell I love his fighting style the reverse wrestling he keeps it standing.

David: What are your goals?


Damien: become the best fight I can be

David: Who are your sponsors?

Damien: My sponsors are team ur fight and Chad Shannon from state farm.

David: What other sports have you done?

Damien: I have done almost every sport to think of I’ve played baseball, basketball, track and field, boxing, football, roller skating, and skateboarding, I’ve always been active.

David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Damien: I’d probably still be in the boxing ring.

David: Who all have you fought for?

Damien: I’ve fought for Hard Rock MMA, Cage Combat, Worrier FC, Apex, and Valor Fights promotions.

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?

Damien: I want my legacy to tell people if you work hard and put everything you have in your whole body you can do anything you ever wanted.

David: What would you tell up and comers?

Damien: I’d tell the new comers not to ever give up win lose or draw keeping working hard you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

Rising MMA star Derrick “The Flash” Bradley II by David Taylor0

Rising MMA star Derrick “The Flash” Bradley II by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?

Derrick: I got into MMA because I was always a fighter, I grew up in Chester Pennsylvania it was a rough city so fighting was all I knew growing up. So once I seen MMA for the first time with my grandmother I knew that’s what I had to do. That was my calling.

David: How did you got the nickname “Flash”?

Derrick: I had the nickname flash since high school because of how fast I was people use to say they’d blink and I’d be gone in a flash.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?


Derrick: My Idol in MMA is Brock Lesnar. I don’t care what people say he’s the greatest fight to me. To be that big and move the nimble is amazing.

David: What are your goals?


Derrick: My goal is to get a LHW title fighting in Bellator. Also to finish my ammy career with a bang out on a big win.

David: Who are your sponsors?


Derrick: My sponsors are us modern male barbershop, flex your fitness, Wilmington wolf pack football club, Monstermode Athletics, delco boxing Academy MVJ kickboxing

David: What other sports have you done?

Derrick: I’ve done a lot of sports track, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby and tennis

David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Derrick: If MMA wasn’t around I think I’d still be playing arena football, it was fun and aggressive.

David: Tell me about your upcoming fight.

Derrick: my upcoming fight is against Francis Coleman, he like to call himself Frankie but he’s Francis to me. It’s my first fight back in two years. I been training my butt off and this dude is going down harder than Ronda Rousey in her last fight. There’s no if ands or buts about I’m coming out this fight the victor and I’m going for blood if he makes it all three rounds it’s going be three rounds of me raising hell and unleashing the armagadeion on him. After I get done with him he’s going to pick a new hobby from MMA to accounting.

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?


Derrick: I want my legacy to say that no matter what I was one tough fighter who no matter who I faced I gave a hard fight and that they felt it afterwards

David: What would you tell up and comers?


Derrick: One thing I’ll tell up and comers is train and train hard do not rush back to back fights give yourself time to rest and learn from mistakes, I was so quick to fight I just fought anyone in any weight class. But I learned now to give myself time to heal and watch myself

Rising MMA fighter Jason Freglier JR by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?

Jason: My dad used you to fight, and I grew up watching him fight and watching the ufc and pride fc with him all the time.

David: How did you got the nickname “The Nightmare”?

Jason: I got the nickname because for my second fight I walked out to the song “nightmare” by avenged sevenfold and my team was making remarks as to me being a nightmare for my opponent… then the name just stuck.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?

Jason: I don’t really have any idols. My favorite fighter growing up was Wanderlei Silva. I really like GSP as well.

David: What are your goals?

Jason: Like most my goal is to be in the ufc. It is the top organization in the world right now and that’s where I want to be.

David: Who are your sponsors?

Jason: My sponsors are Demetrius Jones personal fitness and wellness, Aggressor Fleet scuba diving, and Heavener Construction.


David: What other sports have you done?


Jason: In high school I played football, ran cross country, was on the swimming and diving team, played soccer, and was also on the rifle team.

David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Jason: If MMA wasn’t around I would have probably tried to play soccer in college instead of fighting.

David: Who all have you fought for?

Jason: I have fought for Caged Chaos, Blackeye, Warfare, Fightlab, USFFC, and Conflict

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?

Jason: I want everyone to remember me as being a great fighter and competitor, who also is very humble

David: What would you tell up and comers?

Jason: Train hard, don’t give up. And when you think about taking a session off or skipping just 1 day, remember that your opponent is not skipping that day or that session. You gotta want it more than they do

One on One with Towson University’s Diondre Wallace; Interviewed by DrJoeGaiter


Joe Gaiter: What does football mean to you?

Diondre Wallace: Football means everything to me. Without football I don’t know what I would do. Football has been my vehicle through life and has taught me many life lessons that I will forever hold on to.

Joe Gaiter: Where are you from and how was your childhood?

Diondre Wallace: I am from Baltimore City. My childhood was tough. I lived in a neighborhood where there was no motivation to do right. My neighborhood consist of murders, drugs, prostitution and gang violence etc. It was also tough because I lived with 5 other siblings and a single mother. We struggled with money and making ends meet. When I was 7 years old I lost my older brother Darien to brain cancer. Toughest thing I had to go through in my life. Just when things started to get better I lost my oldest sister on my dad’s side to breast cancer. But through all that God was still good.

Joe Gaiter: When did you start playing sports?

Diondre Wallace: I started playing football when I was in 3rd grade and haven’t missed a football season since. I also played baseball, basketball and wrestled in my high school years

Joe Gaiter: How did Arundel HS shape your future in football?

Diondre Wallace: Arundel shaped my future in so many ways. From being a good person and young man to an all-state linebacker. Coach Chuck Markiewiz was my head coach and he would do whatever it takes to build you for the real world. I wouldn’t be the young man I am today if God didn’t put Coach Markiewiz in my life. Also, our weight room regiment in high school was very similar to college weight room programs and that helped a lot. Arundel also made me aware of the NCAA clearinghouse qualifications and the SATs. We had a great coaching staff at Arundel who knew what they were doing and put u in the best possible situation possible.

Joe Gaiter: Why did you choose to go to Towson?

Diondre Wallace: I chose Towson because it was the best fit for me. Towson as a championship pedigree and a will to take back what was once there’s. Towson also has a great academic program and also most all of their students find a job right after they graduate with their degree.

Joe Gaiter: How was your first season?

Diondre Wallace: My first season was pretty good I think. I was a true freshman that played in every game and started 7 games. I look forward to next season and being a much better player.


Joe Gaiter: What is your role on the field?

Diondre Wallace: My role was to work hard every day and be ready when my name is called. Pretty much be a freshman and listen and learn.

Joe Gaiter: Do you have any game day rituals?

Diondre Wallace: Before every game I find a nice quiet area and pray. Give God the glory for having the opportunity to play and for being alive.

Joe Gaiter: What NFL Player does your style of play mirror?

Diondre Wallace: I think my style mirrors Patrick Willis. Ive studied his game since he became a rookie in the NFL. I try my best to be aggressive a fearless just like him.

Joe Gaiter: What is your major?

Bachelor of Arts in sociology and anthropology concentration in Criminal justice.

Joe Gaiter: Describe yourself in 3 words?

Diondre Wallace: Genuine, aggressive and respectful

Joe Gaiter: In the next 5 years where do you want to be?

Diondre Wallace: I want to be on an NFL roster with a contract that will allow me to be there for a long time.


Joe Gaiter: What do you want your legacy to be?

Diondre Wallace: There’s something about greatness and helping people. Being a good role model.

Joe Gaiter: Tell us who is training you and do you think you are becoming a better athlete?

Diondre Wallace: My Trainer is Terrick Gaines who runs his own business TGX Performance systems. Terrick and I go to the same church and he has been training me since my sophomore year in high school. Everything we do has made me better and I wouldn’t be the player I am now without him. Every year we set new goals and work toward accomplishing them.

Joe Gaiter: Final Words?

Diondre Wallace: Thank God for the doors he has opened in my life. And thank him for blessing me with such a wonderful talent so I can play for his glory.


Joe Gaiter: Shoutouts?

Diondre Wallace: S/o to God who’s the head of my life. My mom who’s the strongest women I know. My Church family Inner Court Ministries of Baltimore. And my trainer Terrick Gaines.

Joe Gaiter: Social Media?

Diondre Wallace: Instagram & twitter: d_wallace10

Get to know Andre Monroe & who he is off the field, interviewed by Monté Gaddis12

Get to know Andre Monroe & who he is off the field, interviewed by Monté Gaddis

Monte Gaddis: Who is Andre Monroe?

Andre Monroe: I am a God fearing man. I am a football player. I am a student of life. A brother. A son. A great friend and a person of great passion in whatever he does. I cannot completely answer who I am because I am still finding out everyday. One thing that is certain is that I put 100% into everything I love and always have visions and love and laugh every chance that I get.

Monte Gaddis: What does football mean to you?

Andre Monroe: Football began as my everything and was the only thing. I took an injury that almost took the game away from me is when I realized that football is a major part of my life but there is room for other aspects of my life to shine. Football is a way of therapy for me as a way to take all of the negativity I experience and let it go on the field. Football is also an opportunity to meet people of all different walks in life with different views and traditions for me to experience and exchange. Football also taught me to have goals, reach them and to work with others towards a common goal!

Monte Gaddis: Tell me about growing up in your city, Maryland?


Andre Monroe: I grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Depending on which part of the county you live in, the circumstances are different. Where I grew up is a predominately black area. I often found myself going to school outside of my neighborhood ultimately going to high school in Washington D.C. Like many other cities there are ways to get into negative or positive things.

The negativity has always been around in my life but my faith and strong family support kept me from going that route and staying on track to better myself. I was also no stranger to public transportation and got very familiar with it when my grandmother used to tech my brothers and me how to use the system. In short where I grew up is similar to may places in our country, where there is positivity and negativity, latest fashion trends, children with ambitions and families trying to make it, all while trying to make it in this maze of life.

Monte Gaddis: What did you learn with your time with the Saskatchewan Roughriders? And are you prepared to play in Toronto with the Argonauts ?

Andre Monroe: When I was with the Saskatchewan Roughriders I learned how to be a professional employee. It was not like college where things were mandatory and they held your hand. This was no longer a game at this point. This was my job and they expect you to treat it in such a way. This means doing what you have to do to be able to perform, even if that men sleeping in the facility to be where I needed to be on time ore waking up hours in advance to catch a cab and avoid or plan for unforeseen events to keep me from being on time (A professional). I also learned what people meant when they said, “This is a business”. It seemed like every week people were in and out making me realize that this might be the unstable job that anyone could have, but the love and passion I have for the game made me do what I needed to do to keep my dream alive. I am more prepared than I will ever be to play in Toronto with the Argonauts.

Monte Gaddis: What are you best attributes on the field ?

Andre Monroe: Speed, Instincts, Aggression, Hands, Adaptability, Football I.Q. and playing with a chip on my shoulder with heart are my best attributes on the field.

Monte Gaddis: Other than football, what else do your spend time doing?


Andre Monroe: I spend my time outside of football, doing several things. One of them is just spending time with my family and friends because family and friends are one of my highest values in my life because without them I am nothing. I also spend my time making music and coaching football and spreading knowledge to those that ask for my input. I love video games and I do spend time playing video games to entertain my imagination as well. Other than that I’m just a regular guy that likes to relax and chill with his people!image1(4)


Monte Gaddis: Who are some up incoming athletes the world should keep an eye on?


Andre Monroe: A couple of athletes that the world should keep an eye on are my brother Ayron Monroe at Penn State, Kevin Molstvy at Loch Raven High School and Yannick Ngakoue, just graduated from the University of Maryland and is the current All-Time season sack leader. There are many more but this is to name a few!


Monte Gaddis: Give a few tips to the athletes following in your steps?


Andre Monroe: A couple of things I would tell athletes following in my steps is to keep your faith and have that as your foundation. Do what you love because if you really love something you will always give 100% and you will be happy! Learn from everything, the hardest falls are where you learn the most from. Watch the company you keep because the things you associate with became part of you to those who watch you even though you might not be the person directly doing it. When things get rough you will be stronger for it once you make it through that trial. Only mess with those who support you and have your best interest and follow your heart it will not steer you wrong.


Monte Gaddis: Tell me about your time at the University of Maryland on and off the field?


Andre Monroe: My time on the field at the University of Maryland is where I saw the most development as a player. I learned many techniques but I also learned that I had to use the techniques that complemented my game the most and not just doing them for the sake of it. I made many life long friends with my teammates. I also learned how important communication was to excel as a team. I was a D.A.W.G. on the field. I had and still have no fear of anyone when I stepped on the field. Everyone was on my bad side and I made sure my opponents knew that. I was also a team player doing what the defense asked of me and doing extra to allow others to make plays on the field asked of me. Playing at Maryland was one of the best times of my life and I ended my career graduating and becoming Maryland’s all-time career sack leader!


Monte Gaddis: Final Words and Shoutouts?


Andre Monroe: My only final words I have is “Stay true to who you are, and peace and love”! Shout out to all the underdogs out here and to those that have something they love and do all they can for that!

Ben Costco interview

David: How did you got into MMA?

Ben: I got into MMA because I was training a kid and he said that I had to at least have one fight with him on the same show so I told him that I would give them one fight and go from there.

David:  Apex champ and going for Valor Fights title, Break down your movements from one to another title.

Ben: After I won the apex title Tim Loy offered me to fight for the valor title and I’m one when opportunity knocks to take it.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?

Ben: I like the heavyweights guys like Brock if he could have stayed healthy I think he could have made a bigger I Pact

David: What are your goals?

Ben: My goal is to win the valor title then focus on turning pro and fighting April 29 in Knoxville gonna be Valors biggest show yet

David: Who are your sponsors?

Ben: ogle Elrod and Baril , Chad Shannon State Farm, people choice pharmacy, fighting for autism ,sign center and a big thanks to footclan MMA and bushido MMA

David: What other sports have you done?

Ben: Boxing


David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Ben: would be focused more on the weights


David: Who all have you fought for?

Ben: Apex fights, Valor fights, Warrior FC, Caged Kombat

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?

Ben: I want everyone to remember me as the guy that stayed humbled and never talked trash but got in there and got the job done


David: What would you tell up and comers?

Ben: Stay humble and put the time in the gym. Fights are won in the gym fighting is the easy part and are you willing to put in twice as much as your gonna get out of it


5 fights in 5 months

3-TKO 1-KO 1- Decision

Valor- fight of the year

Caged Kombat- knockout of the Night

Warrior FC- knockout of the year