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1D0D cruiserweight Boxer Josh Himes by David Taylor

David: How did you got into boxing?   Josh: I started boxing at 19, prior to boxing I was a D1 athlete. I left college

November 23, 2015 BOXING
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1D0D cruiserweight Boxer Brian Houston by David Taylor

David: How did you got into boxing? Brian: I started boxing to get better in MMA. It wasn’t something I looked at as an actual

November 23, 2015 BOXING, MMA
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From MMA star to Professional Whitewater Rafting, Matt “The Law” Lindland by David Taylor

David: how did you got into MMA? Matt: I was wrestling on the US national team and coaching wrestling at the University of Nebraska. I

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Rising MMA star Nathan Williams by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?   Nathan: I got into MMA after I graduated college. I wrestled in high school and a little

November 16, 2015 MMA
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Rising MMA star Thomas “The Young Lion” Gifford by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA? Thomas: I got older and boxing became easy I needed something more and my dad and I wrestled

November 10, 2015 MMA
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Rising MMA star Billy Torrence by David Taylor

David: How did you get into MMA? Billy: I started watching MMA about the time Matt Hughes was dominating everybody. I remember him lifting Frank

November 09, 2015 MMA
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Rising MMA star Kobi “The Tank” Scott by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?   Kobi: I’ve always watched it on T.V. and wanted to try it and I’ve loved it ever

November 06, 2015 MMA
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Rising WMMA Star Kyna “THE SENSATION” Sisson by David Taylor

David:  How did you get into MMA? Kyna: I have been a fan for many years. I discovered an MMA gym in Cadillac MI where

November 03, 2015 MMA
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Rising MMA star Brandon Grimmett

David: How did you got into MMA? Brandon: when I was in school I like wrestling and got out of school so I wanted to

October 30, 2015 MMA
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Raising MMA star Melanie “the Spartan” Lomax

David: How did you got into MMA? Melanie: I’ve been doing pro wrestling for a year now out of Steel Rage Pro Wrestling when I

October 29, 2015 MMA
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