Titan FC fighter EJ “pretty Boy” Brooks by David Taylor

Titan FC fighter EJ “pretty Boy” Brooks by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?

EJ: A guy that’s been like a big brother to me since College “Tyron Woodley (UFC Welterweight)” suggested that I do it. I was leaving College at 23 and my Wrestling Career was done. He told me I was too young to be done competing. I definitely agreed, but I also didn’t wanna wrestle anymore. MMA was the perfect landing spot. I was soon introduced to Mike Rogers, Bryan Guidry, & Rodrigo Vaghi… The rest is history

David: What are your goals?

EJ: My Goals are pretty simple. To compete at the best of my ability and for as long as I can while making good money. As long as my God given talent allows me to fight at a high level, I will do so. The day I feel like I need help to perform because my natural ability is starting to decline, I’ll probably be done

David: What has been the biggest fight so far of your career?

EJ: To this day it is still my Pro Debut in Atlanta for Sport Fight X… It was a televised fight and I was clearly brought in to lose to the home town guy… I was rocked 3 times in the first round and lost that round 10-8… But through heart, determination, previous hard training, & great coaching from my Corner man Mike Rogers. I stormed back to win the fight by getting two 10-8 rounds in the 2nd and 3rd. The fight was voted fight of the night and I got a standing ovation from his home town


David: How did you got the nickname “The Pretty Boy”?

EJ: Ha ha, it’s actually a funny story. My Teammates at Saint Charles MMA had a rule that you can’t come up with your own nickname. The team had to give it to you. Well, whenever I would get a scratch on my face or a bruise, I would freak out. So they started jokingly calling me a pre-Madonna and a Pretty boy. At my 3rd amateur the announcer asked what my walk out name was. I tokd him I didn’t have one. The guy said “how have you had 2 fights and no nickname already? Are you even a real fighter?” and then my coach jokingly said “He isn’t a real fighter. He just a little Pretty Boy”… And BOOOM!!! There it was… My Coach goes, “Yep, that’s his Nickname… THE PRETTY BOY”… it started out as a joke but I definitely lived up to it

David: Who are your sponsors?

EJ: Sponsors are pretty random… But I am supported by these companies TITLE BOXING, GLORY, Saint Charles MMA/Team Vaghi, and American Top Team

David: Do you ever see MMA being legal in NY?

EJ: Not sure… I feel like the east coast is lead by boxing and they don’t really wanna break tradition. I think MMA threatens the culture of boxing on the east coast

David: What do you want your legacy to be?


EJ: Um, I want it to be great… Plan and simple!!!

David: How was it to fight for Bellator and now Titan FC?

EJ: I had a great experience while fighting for Bellator. It was a lot of fun and I’m sure I’ll probably fight for them again sometime in the near future… Titan FC is my home right now and I’m pretty happy where I am… It’s a great organization and the big man Jeff Aronson has always be supportive of me. So, I feel like I’m in a great situation being under contract with them

David: What would you be doing if MMA wasn’t around?

EJ: Honestly, I would probably still be wrestling, playing in soccer, Basketball, Baseball or even Football leagues… I did all those sports in high school. There is no way I wouldn’t be active still

David: What tips would you tell the up and comers?

EJ: Get it and make as much money as you can… Try your best to trust the right people… Do it right and do it clean, but at the end of the day…JUST HAVE FUN AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO