Rising MMA star Kyle Driscoll by David Taylor


David: How did you got into MMA?

Kyle: I got into MMA when I was 15 years old. I had been wrestling me whole life and the whole idea of it really intrigued me so from there I just started doing no-gi and some stand up in the off season of wrestling.

David: What about MMA drives you?

Kyle: Being the best is what is drives me, it’s a test to yourself each time you’re out there and you learn more and more about yourself each time. To me it’s just another wrestling match and that’s second nature to me.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?

Kyle: TJ Dillashaw and Conor McGregor are my two favorite fighters. Tj because he is all about the power of believing in yourself and him being a wrestler converted to a standup fighter correlates with me well. Conor because his belief in the law of attraction, I am all about the law of attraction. Especially in this industry.

David: What are your goals?

Kyle: My goal is to be in the ufc and eventually a ufc champion. I don’t enter something to be average or just a hometown hero, I train every day to be the best and beat the best. I’m only 21 so have a long road ahead but I believe I have what it takes to be there with those big names.


David: Who are your sponsors?

Kyle: My biggest sponsor now is my clothing sponsor called “toughen the hell up” also intuition Tulsa for my supplements. I’m working on a few others right now.

David: What other sports have you done?

Kyle: I grew up a wrestler and football player. Stopped playing football in high school to focus on wrestling. After wrestling senior year I played rugby before I went to wrestle in college, got burned out with wrestling so got a rugby scholarship to go play at New England College.


David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Kyle: If MMA wasn’t around I’d probably still be playing rugby. I’m currently in school for business management with a minor in finances to have a fall back on flipping houses if I need it.

David: What’s one word that would describe your career?

Kyle: The best word to describe my career is persistent. Every single day in the gym I persist to be the best in the world one day, regardless what happens to me in that cage I will persist through and stay in the fight. I won’t be held down in any aspect, I will find a way to stay in it and persist through.

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?

Kyle: That I was humble but very driven, I’m not doing this for fun, and I’m doing this to make a life style out of it. No matter what cards I am dealt I will make the best of it and find positive in the situation regardless. I will stay driven to be the best in the world no matter what anyone has to say, people will always talk.


David: What would you tell up and comers?

Kyle: Anyone getting into this sport needs to know first that your input is your output. This isn’t something you just do, if you want it then you have hours and hours of work ahead. Embrace the grind and love every second of your journey. Live in the moment and as long as you improve in any way each day, you did something right and are one step closer to your dream.