Rising MMA fighter Jason Freglier JR by David Taylor

David: How did you got into MMA?

Jason: My dad used you to fight, and I grew up watching him fight and watching the ufc and pride fc with him all the time.

David: How did you got the nickname “The Nightmare”?

Jason: I got the nickname because for my second fight I walked out to the song “nightmare” by avenged sevenfold and my team was making remarks as to me being a nightmare for my opponent… then the name just stuck.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?

Jason: I don’t really have any idols. My favorite fighter growing up was Wanderlei Silva. I really like GSP as well.

David: What are your goals?

Jason: Like most my goal is to be in the ufc. It is the top organization in the world right now and that’s where I want to be.

David: Who are your sponsors?

Jason: My sponsors are Demetrius Jones personal fitness and wellness, Aggressor Fleet scuba diving, and Heavener Construction.


David: What other sports have you done?


Jason: In high school I played football, ran cross country, was on the swimming and diving team, played soccer, and was also on the rifle team.

David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Jason: If MMA wasn’t around I would have probably tried to play soccer in college instead of fighting.

David: Who all have you fought for?

Jason: I have fought for Caged Chaos, Blackeye, Warfare, Fightlab, USFFC, and Conflict

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?

Jason: I want everyone to remember me as being a great fighter and competitor, who also is very humble

David: What would you tell up and comers?

Jason: Train hard, don’t give up. And when you think about taking a session off or skipping just 1 day, remember that your opponent is not skipping that day or that session. You gotta want it more than they do