Jason “God’s warrior” Gavino by David Taylor

David: How did you got into boxing?

Jason: I got into boxing because I use to fight a lot in the streets and in school and one day my dad was watching boxing and got really excited and saw how he got excited when the Mexican boxer won and I wanted my dad to feel proud of me too.

David: How has boxing influenced your personal life?

Jason: Boxing has influenced my personal life in every accept because to be a great boxer you have to make boxing your life.

David: What are your goals?

Jason: my goals in life are to make enough money to open my own business and for my family to be well off for the rest of their life’s.

David: How has your background helped your boxing career?

Jason: I think that my background has helped my boxing career because ever since I was little I been fighting for what I want so when get in the ring I’m not scare of anybody the only thing that scares me us loosing.

David: Who are your sponsors?

Jason: At this moment I only have one sponsor which it’s heartappel.

David: Who are your fighting idols?

Jason: My fighting idols are a lot mayweather for his defense and his business side, pacquio , margarito,chavez,triple g and so own I really think that every fighter has something that anybody can look up too and what to Inmate

David: What all promotions have you boxed for?

Jason: I haven’t box for any promotion yet.

David: What other sports have you done?

Jason: I played football and that about it.

David: What do you want your legacy to be?

Jason: I want my legacy to be a great one I want people to talk about how good I was and what I a accomplished in my boxing career but most of all I want people to talk about the good things I done for those in need and also for putting the name of the Lord high in sky’s.

David: What tips would you tell the up and comers?

Jason: Some tips that I would tell up and comers are that don’t let no body get in the way of what u want to be in life because at the end of the day whether it’s good or bad u have to go through it nobody else.