Ben Costco interview

David: How did you got into MMA?

Ben: I got into MMA because I was training a kid and he said that I had to at least have one fight with him on the same show so I told him that I would give them one fight and go from there.

David:  Apex champ and going for Valor Fights title, Break down your movements from one to another title.

Ben: After I won the apex title Tim Loy offered me to fight for the valor title and I’m one when opportunity knocks to take it.

David: Who are your MMA/fighting idols?

Ben: I like the heavyweights guys like Brock if he could have stayed healthy I think he could have made a bigger I Pact

David: What are your goals?

Ben: My goal is to win the valor title then focus on turning pro and fighting April 29 in Knoxville gonna be Valors biggest show yet

David: Who are your sponsors?

Ben: ogle Elrod and Baril , Chad Shannon State Farm, people choice pharmacy, fighting for autism ,sign center and a big thanks to footclan MMA and bushido MMA

David: What other sports have you done?

Ben: Boxing


David: What would you be doing if MMA hasn’t been around?

Ben: would be focused more on the weights


David: Who all have you fought for?

Ben: Apex fights, Valor fights, Warrior FC, Caged Kombat

David: What do you want your legacy to say about you?

Ben: I want everyone to remember me as the guy that stayed humbled and never talked trash but got in there and got the job done


David: What would you tell up and comers?

Ben: Stay humble and put the time in the gym. Fights are won in the gym fighting is the easy part and are you willing to put in twice as much as your gonna get out of it


5 fights in 5 months

3-TKO 1-KO 1- Decision

Valor- fight of the year

Caged Kombat- knockout of the Night

Warrior FC- knockout of the year