It is proday season. We check up with Mizzou’s Kendial Lawrence on how his Proday went and what’s next for him.

Joe Gaiter: How did your proday go overall?

Kendial Lawrence:Proday went well. I felt pretty good about my proday but you can always improve in everything.

Joe Gaiter: What teams came to your school?

Kendial Lawrence:We have a couple of guys who are looking to get drafted early. So the NFL scouts presence at our proday was pretty big. There were about 26 teams there. So pretty much you name it, they were there.

Joe Gaiter: What were some of your times?

Kendial Lawrence:4.30 and 4.32. Official 40 4.30. 19 reps of 225. 4.30 40-Yard Dash. 10-5 Broad jump. 37 Vertical jump. 4.24 I test. 6.85 3 Cone. I ran routes and caught passes out the backfield.


Joe Gaiter: How would you rank your performance?

Kendial Lawrence:I would say it was a B+ overall. Overall I can always do better.

Joe Gaiter: What will you be doing between now and the draft?

Kendial Lawrence:Finishing up with school so I can graduate in May and continue working out and stay hungry!

Joe Gaiter: Who is your agent and why did you choose them?

Kendial Lawrence:Lance Riddle is my agent and I choose him because he’s cool down to earth. I met him through a friend of the family!

Joe Gaiter: What does it mean to have so many family and friends supporting you right now?

Kendial Lawrence:It means the world to have many supporters behind me. I’ve come a long way and I’m destined to make this dream my reality and many people know about my confidence and determination!


Joe Gaiter: How has this whole process made you a better person?

Kendial Lawrence:The whole process has just showed me to never take anything for granite, stay humble and positive through the whole process. Also patience is really important.

Joe Gaiter: Do you have any more prodays or combines?

Kendial Lawrence:No more combine at the time. I will be attending the Dallas Cowboys invitation only proday sometime in April. Pretty excited about that being that I am from the Dallas area.

Joe Gaiter: Any regrets?

Kendial Lawrence:No regrets!

Joe Gaiter: Final Words?

Kendial Lawrence:Thanks for the motivation and support everyone has provided me with.

Kendial Lawrence (@K_Lawrence4)